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Trust the Supercharger Experts

With more than 50 years of high-performance supercharger knowledge, our products are expertly manufactured by the company that revolutionized supercharger development,  We build superchargers of all sizes — from 6-71 to 18-71 billet and cast. SSI Supercharger Systems Inc. and we manufacture both helix and high-helix rotors.

Testing and calibration is performed on our on-site Supercharger Dyno equipped with V300 Racepak, accurately measuring your supercharger's performance. We have updated the supercharger case and rotors along with new deep pocket bearing plates, and we now offer the revolutionary reverse rotation supercharger that totally dominates the professional tractor pulling circuit. Our amazing line of products will help you get into the winner's circle. SSI Supercharger Systems Inc. offers:

  • Bearing Plates
  • Bearings
  • Blower Studs
  • Couplers
  • Drive Axels
  • Drive Gears
  • Front Covers
  • Noses
  • Rear Covers
  • Rotors
  • 392 Cragar Manifolds
  • Seals
  • Top Injector Spacers
  • 8-71 Reverse Rotation Superchargers
  • 6-71 To 18-71 Cast & Billet Superchargers
  • Support & Starter Brackets
  • SFI 14-2 Blower Restraint & Injector Spacer Combos
  • Top Opening Inserts
  • Supercharger System's High-Performance Blower Gel with PTfE